You Spin Me Right Round, Table, Right Round

10 08 2007




This musical interlude brought to you for no apparent reason, other than I have this song stuck in my head and can’t get it out and misery loves company. 

I have a round table presentation to give next Wednesday, the fifteenth, before my own group, the Western Pennsylvania Civil War Roundtable.  Tomorrow I plan on locking myself in my office to work on my PowerPoint.  The program will revolve around 12 maps of the campaign, with a main “thread” and one or two minor ones on individuals and/or events that tie to each map.




It’s been tough to prepare, because I feel like I haven’t spent much time working on the presentation.  But in fact I’ve spent a lot of time on it, because it all stems from things I’ve worked on for this blog.  I’ve outlined the program, and now it’s just a question of putting slides together and writing notes.  I don’t intend to read much text (other than direct quotes), but I need to have things like dates and such readily accessible.

The plan is for a very un-roundtable-like presentation…more conversational.  I’d like it to have a less formal feel, and will encourage on-topic questions during the presentation rather than waiting until the program is over.  I’m hoping for a more interactive experience.  It might irk traditionalists, but I’ll run the risk.