Coming Soon: The Weider Flap

8 08 2007

I’ll weigh in on the Weider History Group imbroglio tonight.  I’ve held off because I only had one side of the story, and because I don’t usually write about such things.  But if you are one of the three regular readers of this blog, you know that I have written for a magazine in the Weider group.  In fact, beginning with the November issue I will be listed in the masthead of America’s Civil War magazine as a Contributing Writer, and I am also slated to do book reviews.  Therefore, I think my commenting is altogether fitting and proper (that’s the second time today I’ve used that phrase).

I spoke on the phone earlier today with the editor of America’s Civil War, Dana Shoaf.  Dana will be leaving ACW to edit Civil War Times Illustrated, and it’s not on an interim basis.  He had some things to say about the situation, and some corrections to misinformation regarding ownership, prior ownership, direction and commitment that I think you’ll be interested in reading about. 

Check back later.



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