The Battle of Franklin

26 07 2007



 I’ve added a new link to my blogroll (to the right) for a site dedicated to the Battle of Franklin.  I’m not sure who the host is – I couldn’t find his name on the site.  The blog is devoted to one battle, like Bull Runnings, though I admit the host appears to be a little more focused than I am.  I dig the appearance of the images on the site, and suspect the host uses PhotoShop or something like it.  (I’ve purchased PhotoShop Elements but have yet to download it.)

Check out The Battle of Franklin.  I’ve added it to my feed reader and hope to get some good ideas from it.



One response

29 07 2007

My goodness, this is quite a resource. When we prepared for David Woodbury’s Forum tour to Franklin and Nashville in 2006, this would have been a must-visit. I watched the YouTube video of the Carnton book, which might not have been published at that point. As one of my post-tour research projects, while we were discussing the Sutro Baths in San Francisco, I found a postcard view of Willow Plunge in Franklin. Here’s the shorter link; click the first image to see the outdoor pool.

James McDonough’s Forward to “Five Tragic Hours” (Thomas Connelly co-author) give the background of the part Willow Plunge pool played in his conception of the Battle of Franklin. He swam there regularly, and realized that it was located where heavy fighting had taken place. He also mentions how he would meander in the cemetery nearby. A marvelous update to his remarks about the tennis-golf-swim club adjacent to the cemetery, the Carnton Club, was that we learned on the tour that funding and/or donors had made possible the purchase of the club property and a return to preservation and battlefield status.


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