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3 07 2007

The report of Col. John L. Chatfield of the Third Connecticut is up.  This report is from Broadfoot’s supplement to the OR’s – reports and correspondence that did not make it into the original OR project.  In this case Chatfield’s report went to his state’s adjutant general, so was not in the posession of the U. S.government at the time the ORs were compiled.  The supplement consists of 100 volumes, sells for $5,500, and will probably never be available in digital format – well, at least not during my lifetime.



One response

6 07 2007
Joseph Pierro

It isn’t QUITE as bad as you make out. Yes, the entire OR Supplement is $5,500, but 80% of it consists of the “Record of Events” taken from extant muster rolls of units. Only about two dozen volumes contain after-action reports missing from the original OR, and the publisher will sell this portion on its own (I’ve been to a few libraries that only purchased the report volumes).

As for a digital version, the text of all the reports are in the public domain, so if you have a scanner, OCR software, bandwidth, and a lot of extra time on your hands. . . . ;)


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