Another Order Up and Some Assorted Sides

28 06 2007

Look under PAGES on the sidebar to the right.  You’ll see I’ve added another OOB, this time one for Union artillery at the battle.  I’ll get the Confederate arty up tomorrow.  I want to thank Ranger Jim Burgess, Museum Specialist at Manassas, for providing the basis for these red-leg OOB’s.  As with the full OOBs, I’ll update these as more information becomes available.  I’m also going to try to get caught up on official reports by posting those written by the subjects of the biographical sketches I’ve already posted – for example, Tyler and Sherman.  I’ll get Ayres’s sketch up this weekend, along with a bit on some very interesting trivia concerning his gravesite in Arlington.  One other post will cover some info I posted over at Behind Antietam on the Web.  So tune in over the weekend.



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