In Print Again

9 03 2007


Welcome to all you readers visiting as a result of the nice review of Bull Runnings in the May issue of America’s Civil War magazine.  Thanks to Kim O’Connell who wrote the piece.  I suspect I’m getting some traffic as a result, because my hit counts have been holding up despite the fact I have not made a new post here in over a week.

There’s a really interesting bit on some J. E. B. Stuart correspondence in this same issue written by my friend Teej Smith.  Congratulations to her on a job well done.

I do apologize for not posting this past week.  I’ve been working on an article with tangential Bull Run ties and I hope to finish it up this weekend.  Then I’ll get back to putting together some biographical information on Bull Run individuals and units.



3 responses

10 03 2007
Steve Basic


I just got the issue today, and was glad to see the blurb on the blog. :)

Hope all is well.

Regards from the Garden State,



10 07 2007
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