21 02 2007

Last week, a phone call and a couple of email exchanges resulted in four writing “assignments”. 

First: a project which I thought was dead has been revived; a survey piece on how academia views resources available on the Web, which will be presented in a question and answer format.  I’m a little concerned with how to go about pulling together responses that vary significantly.  Second: confirmation of continued interest in a biographical piece on a First Bull Run personality (this one is the epitome of “pulling threads” – the more I find out, the more there is to find out).  Third: a request for a short summary of a recent series of posts on this blog.  Fourth: a real surprise, a bit on the history and commemoration of a regiment that played a prominent role in the Battle of Antietam.  I think the third of these will probably be the first to hit the streets, and the second will probably come last.

I’m honored that there is some market for what I have to say, or at least for how I say it.  But this is all a little surreal.  I think it just goes to show that the difference between someone who has published and someone who has not is that one has published, and the other has not.