Later This Week (I Hope)…

19 02 2007

There are a few things I hope to get to later this week.  I’ve finished the Lankford book Cry Havoc! The Crooked Road to Civil War, 1861, and will give my thoughts on it, for what they’re worth.  In brief, I found it a highly readable, very informative, deeply flawed book.  And I’ve started reading a biography of Samuel P. Heintzelman – I’ll give some preliminary thoughts on that one as well.

I didn’t post any pictures from my personal collection this past Friday.  I’ve selected two from a trip to North Carolina a couple of years ago which I think you’ll find interesting, if not at all related to Bull Run.

I’ll discuss some new writing assignments, and I’ll comment on the effect of hit counts on the fragile psyche of this blogger.  So check back over the next few days.