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1 02 2007

I’ve added another to my blogroll (in the right hand margin). The 48th Pennsylvania Veteran Volunteer Infantry belongs to John Hoptak, an interpretive ranger at Antietam.  I’m impressed with the stuff he’s been doing.  If you think of Bull Runnings as a micro-blog on one battle, John’s is a micro-blog on one regiment, and he’s compiling some really interesting documentary and statistical information.  Check it out if you get a chance.

While I’m sure he doesn’t remember, I think I spent some time on the field at Antietam with John this past September 17.  It was a 7 AM tour of the morning phase of the battle with Ranger Keith Snyder.  The conditions were eerily similar to those of 144 years (to the day) before: a little cool with heavy fog that would burn off.  I took a little detour and snapped this image, which should give you an idea of what those black hat fellers saw that day (from where I was, on the western edge of the Miller Cornfield and looking south, this would have been the perspective of the 6th Wisconsin):

Miller’s Cornfield



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1 02 2007
John David Hoptak

Yes, indeed, that was me along with Ranger Snyder on the 144th Anniversary of the Battle. The fog that morning was incredible, and the feeling I had retracing the steps of those soldiers who made that attack through the corn on the morning of 9/17/1862 was indescribable.
Thanks for the plug.


1 02 2007
Harry Smeltzer


I’m glad my memory did not fail me! Yep, that was one impressive morning, one that I’d encourage anyone to experience. Sharpsburg in mid-September is a humbling place.

Do you go by John, or John David?



2 02 2007
John David Hoptak

Either or. . .No biggie
By the way, excellent post on the Tidball bio


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