A Blogger’s Passion for Order

8 01 2007

I’m moving forward with my plan to provide accessible BR1 information right here on this blog.  I know it’s not the best or most useful way to present it, but for now it’s better than nothing, and I still intend to build that big, sexy website.

When you look at the order of battle – to the right, under “Pages” – you’ll now notice that some of the names have been hyperlinked.  You can tell when text is hyperlinked because it appears much brighter than the other text on the page.  When you click on a name (of a unit or an individual) that has been hyperlinked, you will be magically transported to a page showing the results of a search of this blog for that name.  You will then have easy access to any entries I’ve written that include that name in the text.

Periodically, I will post biographical sketches for individuals – soldiers and civilians – associated with the campaign and battle of First Bull Run.  Use the Orders of Battle to access those at any time.



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