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5 12 2006

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in awhile.  I spent the four day weekend in Charleston, SC – a surprise birthday party for my brother who lives on James Island.  There really wasn’t much time for Civil War sightseeing, but I did manage to squeeze some in.  I’ll post a few thoughts later today.



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5 12 2006

Next time you come to town, let me know and I’ll be glad to give you a tour. There are some great sites to see or at least know they once existed, unfortunately most people think of Fort Sumter as the only one. A great one is Hampton Park, a beautiful park enjoyed by thousands of visitors a year, once home to a POW camp as Andersonville closed and Florence was still being built.


5 12 2006
Harry Smeltzer

Thanks Tom, I’ll keep that in mind.

My brother is lucky enough to live off of Ft. Johnson Rd – the view from his back porch stretches across the water to the Morris Island Lighthouse (which has a Bull Run connection, by the way). We’ve hopped in his boat and scooted over to the site of the Swamp Angel, and across the street from his home on private property is a battery that was part of the defenses of Charleston.

There is much more to see of Charleston than Ft. Sumter – a personal favorite of mine is Ft. Lamar. But the cruise to Ft. Sumter is a must for any first time visitor, if only to hear the interesting taped narration detailing from where the “defenders” of the city “returned fire”. Maybe they’ve changed that tape since I last took the trip.


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