Birthday Break

28 11 2006

I know I promised to write a little about what Jim Lane did at Bull Run.  So far, the only source I can find is the account of John Tidball as published in an article in Civil War History and in “No Disgrace to My Country” – The Life of John C. Tidball, both by Eugene Tidball.  I promise to get to it tomorrow.  Tonight, my son is taking me to a Penguins game for my birthday.  Well, he’s only eight, so I guess technically I’m taking him to the game.

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7 responses

28 11 2006
Chris Army

Hey Harry!

Happy Birthday to ya! Raise a pint for me – not at the game but later!

Also, congratulations on becoming a future well known author too!

I’m enjoying the blog, keep up the great work!


28 11 2006
Mike Pellegrini

Happy Birthday Harry!

Lets go Pens


29 11 2006
Mike Peters


Happy Birthday man! Hope your Penguins win. Unless of course they play by CBJs.


29 11 2006
Harry Smeltzer

Chris and Mike Squared,

Thanks for the birthday wishes, though it’s really not something I “celebrate” anymore ;-)


29 11 2006
Aly Army

Happy Birthday!! Hope you have fun at the game! Maybe you guys will be near the ‘Burg over the holidays and we can catch up!

29 11 2006
Steve Basic

Happy Birthday Harry. Must have been a magic night, as Colby Armstrong scored 2 for the Pens. :)

Regards from the Garden State,

Steve Basic

1 12 2006
Harry Smeltzer


Thanks. Gettysburg is not looking good for me until sometime in February depending on my teaching schedule. You guys enjoy!


His first two of the season! And Fleury looked good on his birthday, too.


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