A Test of Text

17 11 2006

OK, I had to make some changes to posts made today.

For some reason, if the view text option in IE is set to “larger” when I compose my post, it changes the appearance of that text even if the setting subsequently is reset to “medium”.  The good new is that the text will appear larger than text of posts composed when the setting was “medium”.  The bad news is that I have to be careful about switching between medium and large while I am editing posts, because their appearance gets fouled up and, particularly when images are involved, will appear “jumbled” depending on the setting of the browser.  So, from here on out I will compose with my browser text view option at “larger”.  Now, I know you’re going to say “Dude, that only affects the viewing of your text on your particular browser”, but I have learned that it does not.  So I have removed the post that was “More Kansas” posted earlier today and replaced it with “Kansas Again” above.



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