Variations on a Theme

13 11 2006

So far I’ve only had two complaints about the theme, and both concerned the white text on black background.  One was from an old – and I do mean old – friend (JUST KIDDING!!!).  The other was from the folks over at Civil War Interactive’s This Week in Blogs.  (Why do I always hear that in my head as a Mel Allen voiceover?)

For now, I’ll keep the format as is since most folks seem to like it.  If it’s a problem, just say so.  Remember, I can change the theme with the click of a button.  It’s that easy.



2 responses

14 11 2006

Perhaps if you increased the font size to one that ISn’t “small enough to depress [them] with reminders of [them] advancing age” the folks in the CWI compound would be appeased. :) I didn’t realize the font *was* small until I read Joe’s commentary. But then I keep my View/Font Size set at “Larger”. When I reset it to Medium, I too had problems viewing the information.



14 11 2006
Harry Smeltzer


You know, I never even realized you could adjust the font size in IE! Well, there’s the solution. It turns out I can’t modify the font size within a theme without using complicated code that I would have to repeat with each posting.

So, if you’re having trouble reading the text due to its size, click “View” on your Internet Explorer toolbar, then select “Text size” and make a size selection. I’m sure other browsers have a similar viewing option.

My progressive lenses thank you, Pat!!!


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