Mighty Stonewall

6 11 2006

A couple of the comments I’ve received so far have made reference to the photo of the Stonewall Jackson Manassas monument that graces this site’s banner.  Later today (hopefully) I’ll talk about the monument.  This should give me a chance to learn how to insert photos and hyperlinks into a post.  The banner photo was taken by me in April 2005 during a visit to the battlefield with friends Dick Weeks and Teej Smith.



2 responses

6 11 2006

Hi Harry.
Good luck with the blog. I too was impressed with the Stonewall imagery. Angle and the specific cropping are very effective. Looking forward to what you’ve got to say about the monument. Keeping thinking our “A Bull Runs Through It” t-shirt design would look good here as well. ;)

Best regards.


P.S. That “Written with love” gives you such a warm fuzzy demeanor. ;)


7 11 2006
Harry Smeltzer


That’s me, Mr. Warmandfuzzy.

I’m still working on the monument. Looking for a little more info on the dedication, sculptor, etc… If anyone can point me in the right direction, I won’t say no!


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