Manassas National Battlefield Park Photos April 2004

7 06 2008


I shot these in April 2004 with a very cheap camera – cannons are representative (click on the thumbs for larger image):

One of Ricketts’ Guns – Henry House Hill

One of Ricketts\' Guns

Battle Monument – Henry House Hill

Battle Monument

Jackson’s Artillery Line – Henry House Hill

Jackson\'s Artillery Line

Jackson Monument – Henry House Hill

Jackson Monument I

Jackson Monument II

Jackson Monument II

Griffin’s Guns – Henry House Hill, 2nd Position

Griffin\'s Guns

Original Sudley Road Trace South of Visitor’s Center

Sudley Road Trace

Stone Bridge over Bull Run

Stone Bridge

A View to a Hill

28 03 2008


view-of-field.jpg  henry-house.jpg

Reader Amy Lindenberger sent the following in reference to the photo above, which appears in this Bull Runnings gallery:

The image labeled “View of Field (Unknown)” (left photo above, click on thumbnail for larger image) is taken from a camera position some distance (not yet sure of exact distance, I’ll work on that the next time I can get back to VA) behind the Stone House, looking across the Warrenton Pike and towards the ruins of the Judith Henry house. The Henry house is that blob on the horizon, towards the right side of the image. If you study the image labeled “Henry House Ruins” (right photo above), and then look closely at the ruins on the right side of this image, you can see that they are the same, though reversed; the “unknown” image is just taken from the opposite side of the house and at a significant distance away. I am an artist specializing in works inspired by Civil War era Americans, and currently working on a piece based on the final days in the life of Judith Henry. A few months ago I ordered a very large, very detailed reprint of this image from and in that version of the photo, the ruins are unmistakable.

Thanks Amy!  For another interpretation of the camera location, see this article co-authored by NPS ranger Jim Burgess; it suggests that the photo was taken facing west.

1862 Photos of Bull Run (Library of Congress)

15 12 2007

Along Bull Run Near Sudley Church (George Barnard)


LOC Reproduction No.:  LC-DIG-cwpb-00960

Blackburn’s Ford – Ruins of RR Bridge (Unknown) 


LOC Reproduction No.: LC-DIG-cwpb-01546

Catharpin Run, Sudley Church, Remains of Sudley Sulphur Spring House (George Barnard)


LOC Reproduciton No.: LC-DIG-cwpb-00956

Cavalry at Sudley Ford (George Barnard)


LOC Reproduction No.:  LC-DIG-cwpb-00954

Cub Run Bridge (George Barnard)


LOC Reproduction No.:  LC-DIG-cwpb-00945

Henry House Ruins (George Barnard)


LOC Reproduction No.:  LC-DIG-cwpb-00972

Robinson House (George Barnard)


LOC Reproduction No.:  LC-DIG-cwpb-00967

Soldiers’ Graves (George Barnard)


LOC Reproduction No.: LC-DIG-cwpb-00974 

Stone Bridge Ruins (George Barnard)


LOC Reproduction No.: LC-DIG-cwpb-00950  

Stone Brige Ruins #2 (George Barnard)


LOC Reproduction No.:  LC-DIG-cwpb-00952

Stone Church at Centreville (George Barnard)


LOC Reproduction No.: LC-DIG-cwpb-00937

Stone House (George Barnard)


LOC Reproduction No.: LC-DIG-cwpb-00965

Sudley Church (George Barnard)


LOC Reproduciton No.: LC-DIG-cwpb-00959

Thornton’s (Thornberry’s) House on Route to Sudley Ford (George Barnard) 


LOC Reproduction No.: LC-DIG-cwpb-00963

View of Field (Unknown) – See aslo this post


LOC Reproduction No.: LC-DIG-cwpb-01314

View of Field #2


LOC Reproduction No.: LC-DIG-cwpb-01527

Kingsbury CDVs

26 09 2007


New e-quaintance Scott Hann, collector extraordinaire of Antietam officer images, graciously granted permission to publish the below carte-de-visites (CDVs) of McDowell aide Henry Walter Kingsbury.  On the left is Kingsbury as 1st LT with the 5th US Artillery.  Center is a previously unpublished photo of cadet Kingsbury, made in his home state of Connecticut as seen on the obverse on the right.  Click on the thumbs for the full size image.

Thanks, Scott!

 kingsbury-cdv-1.jpg kingsbury-cdv-2.jpg kingsbury-cdv-2b.jpg


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