Proposed Power Plant

20 03 2008

Here is a blog post about a proposed power plant ½ mile from the Warrenton Pike-Sudley Road intersection.

To the Sound of the Guns looks like an interesting site, focusing on battlefield stomping and historical markers.  I’ll keep an eye on it and may add it to the blogroll.

Thomas Hardy on Battlefield Preservation

1 03 2008



In the last Save Historic Antietam Foundation newsletter (which I edit) I was interviewed for a board member profile (you can read it here).  I fear I was a little ineloquent in my expression of concern about the state of Civil War Battlefield preservation.  Specifically, I’ve been bothered by the sometimes heavy handed approach some organizations take with landowners.  We, as people who understand what makes these grounds special to us, often fail to understand, and fail to even try to understand, what they mean to others.  Sometimes, they mean financial security for them and their children, and maybe their children’s children.  Perhaps Thomas Hardy’s thoughts in The Roman Road apply here:

The Roman Road runs straight and bare
As the pale parting-line in hair
Across the heath. And thoughtful men
Contrast its days of Now and Then,
And delve, and measure, and compare;

Visioning on the vacant air
Helmeted legionnaires, who proudly rear
The Eagle, as they pace again
The Roman Road.

But no tall brass-helmeted legionnaire
Haunts it for me. Uprises there
A mother’s form upon my ken,
Guiding my infant steps, as when
We walked that ancient thoroughfare,
The Roman Road.

When dealing with sacred ground, first we need to find common ground.

Photo of a Roman Road in Lancashire is from this site.

Tree Clearing at Manassas

29 10 2007


Here’s an older Washington Post article.  The area in question is associated with the 2nd Battle of Bull Run.

Save Historic Antietam Foundation

27 07 2007

I’ve added a new website under Links to the right.  In the interest of full disclosure, I serve on the Board of Directors of the Save Historic Antietam Foundation (SHAF), an organization dedicated to the preservation of the area in and around the battlefield of Antietam.  Through the efforts of friend Brian Downey, we have revamped the website and added pages with news items, membership information, merchandise ordering and other swell stuff.  Visit the site at


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